Is It Time to Throw the Hail Mary? Vote Evan McMullin?

Since this election started the Democrats and the Republicans have been trying to convince us that there are only two options – that the election is a binary choice between the despicable Donald and the horrific Hillary. Of course, they say that. The most important thing to those two parties is holding on to power. If they let you think that voting independent or third party is legitimate, they are through.

So, they’ve told us that voting for anyone but Donald or Hillary is “throwing away your vote.” The GOPers warn those of us tempted to stray from the fold that voting for anyone but their nominee is a vote for Hillary (or Killary or Billary – and they usually throw something sweet like “the baby-killer” in for effect).

It’s transparent and it’s untrue. It’s an effort to keep you from thinking for yourself and to keep you from taking away the power of the parties. It is a lie. Voting for someone other than the Democrat or the Republican does not make you a “protest voter” and it is not wasting your vote. It is an exercise of your American right as a citizen and a possible first step in some much-needed changes in the American political future.

Reality check, okay? Who are the real protest voters? Almost everyone who tells me they are voting Trump does so because they don’t want Hillary elected. Hillary-hate is driving this election and not passion for the candidate they are voting for. So, who is making the real protest vote? Isn’t it the Donald Trump voter who doesn’t really like or respect Trump but is voting against Hillary?

And who is wasting their vote? Not a single poll since Trump guaranteed himself the GOP nomination has given him anything close to a chance to win an electoral college victory (the only one that really matters). A couple of polls gave him a small popular vote lead but those evaporated when his comments about enjoying sexually assaulting women were released. Suddenly, the battleground states all turned blue and the popular vote went double digits to Hillary. Voting Trump is a wasted vote.

You are wasting your vote if you vote for Donald Trump. He will not be president. He lost.

So, what are your options? I was horrified when this happened a couple of weeks ago, but when Tennessee was destined to lose (as should happen every week except when they play Alabama), they dropped back and threw a “Hail, Mary” pass. It connected and they won a game they should have lost.

It is time for a political Hail, Mary!

I am speaking of the candidacy of Evan McMullin. You don’t know who he is? Well, read the link and find out. “But he can’t win, you say?” NEITHER CAN TRUMP! But you can hold your head up high and vote for McMullin and his running mate Mindy Finn.

Voting for Evan McMullin is no more a wasted vote than voting for Donald Trump.

“But he’s a Mormon!” Yeah, he is. That’s not my favorite religious affiliation by a long shot. But I’ve been voting since 1976. Ford, Reagan 2x, Bush 2x, Dole, Bush W 2x, McCain, and Romney. Romney was another LDS and my least favorite among those, not because of his faith, but because of his flip-flops on life issues. But of those men, the only one who ever gave a clear testimony of a “born-again” experience is George W. Bush, and he gradually moved away from that to an “all religions are good” philosophy by the end of his second term. Frankly, some of the evangelical candidates have also been some of the most bitter disappointments.

I wasn’t thrilled about voting for Romney, but this election makes me wish I had that option now. I’d take lipstick into the polling booth and kiss the ballot as I voted Romney if I had the option this year.

Since I’ve argued against accepting Trump as the “lesser of two evils” it may surprise some that I accept the principle in a limited way. There are only imperfect candidates. I’m not looking for a sinless president. There’s only been one of them and we crucified him. When he comes back he will rule the world as King of kings, not stand for office. Every vote I’ve ever made was for a flawed candidate. There’s just a line I won’t cross.

I won’t vote for a candidate who believes killing babies in their mothers’ womb is okay. That’s why abortion enthusiast Hillary was never a consideration and why Gary Johnson and the Libertarians were not either.

I cannot vote for a man with Trump’s history of debauchery, adultery, and proud, unrepentant sin. Nor could I vote for a man with his lack of character and integrity. He’s a line I won’t cross.

There are candidates I would have preferred. I wish Marco Rubio was there, but alas. I wish Nebraska senator Ben Sasse had run. I abandon my “man-crush” as one angry man called it on Rubio in a heartbeat if Ben Sasse were an option. If he’s on the ballot in 2020, I might rejoin the GOP to work for him.

None of them are options. But Evan McMullin is.

  • Would Evan McMullin be a better president than Hillary Clinton? Do I need to lose 75 pounds?
  • Would Evan McMullin be a better president than Donald Trump? Are the Nebraska Cornhuskers overrated?

“But he can’t win.” Why not?

If everyone who agrees that Donald Trump is a louse would just say, “Okay, I’ll take a look at Evan McMullin,” there might be a chance. Maybe it could work. No, it’s not likely. But Donald isn’t going to win either. That ship sailed when he was nominated. It sank when he and Billy Bush were videotaped laughing about sexually assaulting women (well, when the tape was released).

Trump is a loser and he will lose. Nothing can be done about that. Why not do something positive about America’s future and start a movement that will result in something new, a new party, a new beginning. Everyone talks about how much they hate the Republican elite, the Republican establishment. Why not get involved in something new?

I’ll be honest, I actually know little about Evan McMullin. I might find out something next week that will leave me with egg on my face and searching for the delete button here. I’ve made mistakes before. It was a long time ago, but it happened!

But Trump has lost. The clock is running out. There isn’t anything to lose, is there? Why not consider dropping back and throwing the Hail Mary?

The Hail, Evan?


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